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Kota construction was established in 1993 by Mike Normile of Rockport Texas. We have locations in Rockport, Victoria, and New Braunfels Texas but we also do work all over Texas.  We specialize in custom metal roofing because metal roofs provide superior protection and quality that cannot be beat by any other product!

There are numerous advantages to getting a custom metal roof installed on your property:

  1. You can’t beat a life time guarantee!  We provide you with a custom metal roof that requires no up-keep. Once we install your new custom metal roof you will never have to worry about your roof again.
  2. Since every custom metal roof is custom you can choose from many different colors which offers you the ability to customize every aspect of the process.
  3. Heavy Duty! At Kota Construction, we only use the highest quality material. All of our metal roofing materials are 26-gauge metal that’s thicker than what most of our competitors use. 26-gauge metal roofs are hail resistant which is another advantage that comes along with using our metal roofs.
  4. Weather proof! Our metal roofs have a protective zinc coating that prevents the paint from fading over time in the extreme Texas heat.

In addition to custom metal roofs, we also specialize in all types of asphalt shingle roofs.  There are various factors that will influence the type of roof that we install on your home or business and things such as the pitch of your roof will be used to determine the very best solution for you while also staying on budget.

All shingle roofs come with a shingles that have a 30-year warranty! At Kota Construction, we will not rest until we get the job done right, on-time, and on budget. We strive for perfection and providing our customers with the best possible experience is our number one goal.